Professors – Launch Your College Course Effectively – Introduce Yourself to Students

Just walking into class on the first day and mumbling, “I’m Dr. Smithereens,” and then just launching into whatever that day’s lecture is (or bringing up your opening PowerPoint) or doing anything else that doesn’t start to

Choosing a College Major – 10 Things You Can Do This Summer to Choose Your Major Before College

I know that the summer before college starts is supposed to be fun. I spent plenty of time hanging out with friends, hiking in the Vermont hills, and going to music festivals. What I didn’t do is

Online Paralegal Courses

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, Office of Employment Projections predicts a growth of over 33 percent in the legal assistant profession during the first decade of 2000. The median annual salary for full-time paralegals and

Professors – Strategically Manage Your College Courses – Teaching Large Classes that Feel Small

Often, professors believe that the only workable instructional method in a large class is the lecture. After all, the rooms where we teach large classes are called lecture halls. I’d like to propose, however, that the lecture

Learning About Accredited Online Degree Programs

College has never been more expensive, and a degree has never more been more beneficial to finding a job. This combination has prevented many people from advancing in their careers or from pursuing further education. A number

Thinking of Studying Online? Read Our Introduction to the Best Online Degree Programs For You

Quite often, as we go through the many choices available to us in the online degree programs, it becomes a matter of which are the best online degree programs to choose. That can’t be a simple answer,

Comments: Mandatory College Courses and Prerequisites Very Troubling

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The Best Way to Gain an Online Bachelors Degree

A number of work opportunities are starting to have to have at least a bachelors degree just to be appointed. For people who employ individuals without a bachelors degree, most of them require individuals to advance their

Professors – Use Timers in the Classroom (For Your Students and For Yourself) – Increase Focus

When you teach in the college classroom, it’s hard to keep track of the time.  This is true during lecture, Q & A portions, learning activities with your students, student presentations, and yes…even breaks during long classes.

Online Education – Course Selection

Now you have completed a self-assessment, you have developed short and long term goals, and you know what basic skills you need to develop. Now you are in a good position to select the online courses you