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Finding A College Tutor

Math Doesn’t Have To Be Hard With A Local Tutor I struggled with math big time. The ironic thing about it was though that I majoring in computer science at UNCW. As I am sure you know,

4 Ways to Bounce Back from a Subpar Junior Year of High School

By most measures, the most important year of high school is junior year. It is the last full year in which students can build their application profiles and impress colleges. How well students perform in junior year

Preparing for College

It is never too early and it is never too late to start thinking about college. Nevertheless, early is always better. What are you and your child doing to prepare for college? THE EARLY YEARS Begin college

Online College Courses for Nursing

The Internet has changed the way people take college courses. There are now courses available to meet any career interest, with convenient scheduling. If you are interested in online college courses for nursing, the first thing to

College Money Nightmare – Best 10 Ways To Avoid Loans

“In the 21 years I have been directly involved with college financial aid, I’ve had hundreds of students and parents ask the same question, ‘How do we pay off all the student loans?’ Unfortunately, there is no

Benefits of Open Enrollment AP Classes

Advanced placement (AP) classes in the past have often been seen as elite places where only the brightest students can participate. However, a recent trend in schools today is a policy of open enrollment which has many

Easiest Degrees – Little Known Secrets to Getting Your Bachelors Degree With Ease

Sure there are more people competing for fewer good jobs today. Now the competition involves higher numbers of individuals that have obtained certifications or attended college classes. This is the reason that interest in getting a Bachelor’s

The Art of Fast Guitar – An Alternate Picking Masterclass

For many guitarists I meet and talk to being able to pick at super speeds through runs and scales seems like an impossible task. Let me assure you right now that it isn’t, it is just a

10 Things Veterans Should Look for in a College

Prestige may be a factor for some vets, but finding a school that meets career goals is also important. Find the Right School for You Next » 1 of 12 (Ariel Skelley/Getty Images) Transitioning from military service

What to Choose an In-Class Fashion Design College Degree Or an Online One

Most of you would know that in order to get into the fashion design industry, you would require a degree or a diploma certificate from a fashion design college, at least in the initial stages to tell