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Are Today’s Online College Courses For You?

With unemployment as high as it is right now, having nothing other than a high school diploma can certainly hurt your chances of getting a job. The good news is that you can how get working toward

Earn a Paycheck Teaching Online College Courses

If you are in need of replacement income because you have been laid off or if you simply need to supplement your income, you might consider teaching online college courses. A nice living can be earned by

Just How Difficult Are Online College Classes?

There are more and more people that are looking at online college classes. There is an added convenience to them and the fact that you can study whenever you choose makes it even more beneficial, especially to

The Benefits of Taking College Classes Online

Each year, millions of fresh, young graduates join the countless number of individuals looking for employment. Competing for a position in almost any type of company is tough; even tougher when you are one of the few

U.S. Presidents Who Were Leaders Of Colleges

The Presidents Who Were Presidents (Getty Images/Tetra images RF) Education is a hot-button topic in every election. For a handful of presidents, the issue was perhaps more personal as some were molded by prior careers in academia.

Get Nursing Degree Online: Flexibility and Job Advancement In One

Have you found yourself in a position that you are working a current job but not enough time to be able to get your CNA certification? With the economy the way that it is our current jobs

Online College Degree in Nursing

The field of medicine and professional health care are slowly adapting to the changing world. Not only through advancement in tools and equipments used for proper health care but also for educating and training young nurses who

Online College – Turning Higher Education Upside Down

Colleges and universities as we know them will cease to exist in a generation. American higher education is being radically transformed by technology and 24/7 continuous education online. Should a university not be on board with this

Online Colleges: A Pace Above Traditional School

Acquiring a degree online has advantages. The people who might not have had the opportunity to receive a college degree coming from a more traditional school will discover an internet based college advantageous. For those with families

5 Popular Online Colleges & Universities

The power of technology has branched out heavily within the education industry over the past few years, and it’s not uncommon to get your degree online these days. There are a large number of universities and  colleges