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12 Colleges That Have Produced the Most Astronauts

Find the College to Support Your Journey (Getty Images/EyeEm) Get more information about how to choose a college, and check out the complete rankings of the 2016 Best Colleges. For more advice and information on how to

See the Average Debt, Starting Salaries for Business School Graduates

An MBA can lead to a lucrative career in high-demand fields. Graduates of top-tier business schools usually earn higher starting salaries than their peers who went to lower-ranked schools – but often leave with more debt, according to

Why Online College Degrees Are So Good For Adult Students

If you have been away from school for some time and you have already established a successful career, you may not have anything else to ask for. However, once you start thinking of the level of success

Beginning the Online College Search

Where does a prospective student begin his or her own  online   college  search? Many people will use a search engine, but there are a few factors to keep in mind when doing this. The first is that

College Degrees Online From Highly-Respected and Accredited Schools

The college degrees online from many colleges and universities are getting-to be very popular.  In fact, online schools have seen their enrollments spike by nearly 300% in the past decade. The reason being is that more and

Online Human Growth and Development College Courses

In recent years, education and technology have merged to make higher education, such as diploma and degree programs, accessible and convenient. For many potential students, traditional day classes were not feasible. With the advent of  online   colleges 

Future of Education: Going the Online Way!

No longer is education limited to just traditional ‘brick and mortar’ classrooms. Right from kids to adults, everyone is going the online way as far as education is concerned via a series of online classes and courses.

Faux Painting Classes – The Online Option

For people who are interested in giving the interiors of their homes an exciting new look that is both classy and innovative, there is no better choice than faux painting. For those who are new to this

Finding Free CNA Classes Online

Finding free online CNA courses is not impossible, but you may find some of the programs offered to be misleading. Understanding the requirements needed to obtain CNA certification will help you to determine if a free online

Tuition is Low (or Free) at These Global Universities

For students weighing the possibility of earning a degree overseas, tuition is one of the major costs to consider. In the 2015-2016 school year, the average tuition and fees for in-state students at public universities was $9,410,