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Experience Five Great Areas of Personal Growth Through Online Learning

If you’re interested in going back to college to get your degree or you’re looking to get an advanced degree, the thought of returning to college life might seem overwhelming. With an online program, you can keep

What Can I Earn My PhD In?

Obtaining a PhD is one of the most prestigious educational qualifications you can get for yourself. Getting your PhD online helps simplify things a bit. As you can imagine, one of the highest educational qualifications mandates that

Is Distance Education For an MBA Degree Worth It?

Distance education is a field of education that aims to deliver education to students who can not be physically present “on site”. In such type of educational program, the source of information and the learners are separated

Online MBA Degrees – Are They Worth Obtaining Through A Distance Education Format?

Does an employer ascribe the same value to the online MBA degrees that people are earning online the same as they value MBA degrees earned by students in a traditional classroom environment? This is a question of

Renting College Textbooks – Three Big Advantages

Going to college can be expensive and often students have no options when it comes to saving money. However, one way a student can save money is with college textbook costs. If you want to save money

Scholarships For Single Moms – $10,000 is it Real?

Are scholarships for moms real or a scam? There are many reports that there are scholarships that are being awarded to moms in the amount of $10,000. This money will be used to return to college and

MOOCs Are the Monkey Wrench Thrown Into Online Learning

When last we met, we talked about the alphabet soup of acronyms the online learning community must spoon through in order to find the right materials. Well, here’s another one for you: “MOOC”; it stands for “Massive

What Is The Significance of Certified Nursing Assistant Exam?

If you want to start a new career in healthcare profession, then there is a certification that can help you starting a new career in health care profession in very less time. The certification training is for

Career Choices – No Jobs For College Grads?

When today’s college graduates were children, their parents preached the value of a good education. Finish high school, go to college, graduate, and get any job that you want. That was the mantra that all children of

Online Learning – Have a Vision, Be Demanding

Online learning has become a demanding trend in the contemporary world where just seeking conventional educational degrees are considered no more trendy or adequate. Learning beyond these defined boundaries is more appreciable nowadays and people opting for